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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a personal username? Why can't I login on the MT Pit app with my organization username?

Personal usernames are used to keep track of the devices authorized to play production tracks, as well as clients that need a way to have access to multiple shows simultaneously.

They will only ever work on the MT Pit app.

Organization accounts allow each organization to manage their own account on our website, Here, you can play rehearsal tracks for any shows you are contracted for, access cue/edit sheets, look up rehearsal codes for shows your organization is currently contracted for, change organization contacts, update organization contacts, and authorize individual users/devices for access to production tracks.

I can't create or login with a personal username on my Android/PC/Laptop.

The personal username feature is only available on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It can be used for accessing production tracks and downloading multiple shows. Android devices, PCs and Laptops can only access rehearsal music due to security reasons.

My tracks disappeared from the app.

Anytime our app senses a wifi connection, it connects with our servers to get updates on your tracks. When you have your production tracks on your device, we strongly advise that you place your device on "Airplane Mode", in the General Settings app. If your wifi is on, but your device enters an area with very little or weak wifi signal, our app will attempt and fail to communicate with the MT Pit server. This will cause the app to hide the tracks, thinking the tracks shouldn't be on the app. To get the tracks back onto the app, you will need to go to a strong wifi area and re-download your tracks. Once they are re-downloaded, please put your device on airplane mode anytime you plan on opening the MT Pit app.

I can't login on the app with the username and password The MT Pit emailed me.

If you are your organization's contact, the username and password that The MT Pit emails to you is for logging in on The MT Pit website ONLY. It will NOT work on the app. To log in on the app, either log in with your Rehearsal Code, or create and Personal login from the "Need An Account" link at the bottom of the login screen.

My organization info isn't letting me login on the website.

If you are on a school wifi network, that may be the issue. School wifi networks can often have firewalls that don't work well with our app.

The app is telling me "Invalid Username/Password".

Please make sure you are being case sensitive and have a strong wifi connection first, and also make sure to avoid school wifi networks. School wifi networks can often have firewalls that don't work well with our app. If your username and password are still not working, you will need to reset your username/password, or create a new one. You can do this on the login screen of the app. Please click on "Forgot Username / Password". If you need to reset your personal password, fill in the "Username" box, and click "Submit". An email with a link to reset the password will be sent to the email address associated with the username. If you've forgotten your username, fill in the "email" box, and click "Submit". An email containing your username will be sent to the email address associated with your username.

I don't know where to find my organization info.

Your organization login information is located in the email sent to your organization's contact when the organization was first registered with The MT Pit. If you no longer have access to that email, you can contact the MT Pit at, or our number 801-883-9933, and we can give you your organization username.. We only have access to what we originally sent out to you, so if you've changed the organization password and can't remember it, you'll need to do a password reset.

Every time I try to login on the app, I get a LOGIN ERROR bubble.

This means you need to get to a stronger wifi location. Once you've logged in on the app and have downloaded your tracks, we strongly recommend that you STAY logged in on the app. There is no need to log out until your performance is over. You also no longer need a wifi signal to play your tracks in the app.

I can't find/don't have a personal username.

You only need a personal username if you are trying to access multiple shows, or are trying to access production tracks. If you don't need the app for those purposes, please leave the username/password boxes empty, and log in with the Rehearsal Code given to you by your organization. While we do supply the organization login info for logging in on the MT Pit WEBSITE, you personally will need to create a personal username for logging in on the APP. When creating a personal username and password, please write it down for future reference, as the MT Pit does not keep record of your personal username and password.

A track's gone missing from my show.

If one or a few tracks have gone missing from your show's playlist, someone with access to your organization's login info has logged in on the organization account at and accidentally pressed "Don't Use" next to a track. To put the missing track(s) back into your playlist, scroll to the bottom of the track list on the website, and you'll find the unused tracks in a section at the bottom of the web page. Click on the "Use" button, and they will reappear back in your show playlist.

Where I can find the cue/edit sheets?

Cue and Edit sheets are located on your organization's account on Log in with your organization username/password, click on your show's title, and you'll be taken to the show's documents page, where you can download the sheets.

Forgot personal/organization usernames/passwords.

Please click on "Forgot Username / Password" located on the login screen. If you need to reset your personal password, fill in the "username" box, and click "Submit". If you've forgotten your username, fill in the "email" box, and click "Submit". In each case, an email will be sent to you containing either your username info or a link to rest your password.

School wifi networks.

Many school wifi networks have firewalls set in place that don't work well with the MT Pit app. Depending on the firewalls your school has setup, you may need to download the app and/or tracks on a different, personal wifi network.

My app says the tracks will expire on the last day. Will I still have them for that last performance?

The tracks will not leave the app until midnight on the last night of your performance. If you'd like any kind of reassurance, please open the app on the device on the morning of your last performance, and you'll be given the number of hours you have left. If for any reason your show is not there, you can call us on our emergency line (for in-production use only).

I want to get rid of one of the devices I authorized to play production tracks, and authorize a different device. How do I do that?

To de-authorize a device, you must get on the internet and go to Please make sure you've logged in with your organization username/password. Click on your show's title. You'll be taken to a documents page. You'll see tabs listed for "Documents, Production Access, and Tracks". Click on production access. You'll see any and all devices that have been authorized access to production tracks for this particular show. You'll see an option to click "De-authorize" on the right side of the computer. Make sure you de-authorize the correct device. If you de-authorize the wrong device, you can reauthorize it by clicking "Authorize User", and typing that device's personal username, selecting the device, and reauthorizing it again. After you've de-authorized the intended device, you're good to go.

Every time I try to play a track, it downloads again.

If the track is downloading instead of playing, this means you are still in the downloads section. To play the tracks, you must press the back button in the top left corner until you get to the page that says "Shows, Downloads, Settings". Click on Shows, click on your show title, and you can play your tracks there.

I had some tracks edited, but neither the edited or original versions of those tracks are now in my playlist.

If both versions aren't found in the show section of your tracks, this means they're still in the downloads section. Please make sure your device has a good wifi signal. Go to the Downloads section, click on your show's title, and scroll down until you see tracks that don't have the download checkmark next to them. You'll know they are edit tracks because they'll have your organization's initials at the end of their track titles. After you've selected and downloaded your new tracks, you will find them in the show section, available to play.

Do I need to wait to make edits until I get production tracks?

When we edit tracks, we are editing both rehearsal and production versions. You may submit edit requests as early as you like. Your requests will be done on both versions of the tracks.

The app kicked me out/is freezing.

There are a few reasons this may occur.

1.) This can be due to not having updated the MT Pit app for a while.

2.) This can also be caused if you have too many programs open on your device. To close out of other programs, press the circle button quickly twice on the front of your device. The programs that are open will line up. To close a program, you need to swipe up on it. Scroll through your programs and swipe up on the apps you don't want open. After you've closed everything you'd like closed (including the MT Pit), hit the circle button once, and you'll be taken to the main menu. Reopen the MT Pit, login, and you should be good to go.

3.) Lastly, sometimes due to having your device on for so long can cause a lot of cache to be built up, which can cause the device to keep freezing. For this, we recommend you completely/manually turn off the device and turn it back on again (NOTE: This is different from restarting the device). After turning the device back on again, you should be good to go.